Hi, bloggy! What's up? It is already a new year. Well I named it as January because I want to tell you everything that has happened in this month.
Yes, I am finally done with the final exam and….. I got a great score OMG! Actually my previous score is better than the recent semester 😆 You know the feeling when you got something beyond your expectation, right? Hehehe. Not to show off, but just want to tell you that the recent semester was so insane. The struggle was so real. There was one subject that I really had a doubt at when I input it to the form. I had known it that the subject would have been the hardest one ever and I was right. The class schedules were also the reason why the semester was a challenge, because it broke my sleeping time. Oh yes, there was a class on Saturday. Yes that means I only had a day to take a rest. But the fact that I finally can finish and pass that so-boring and exhausting subject. By the way, I feel honored because one of my lecturer trusted me…

Will You Deny?

When the first time you stepped your feet on the college, what was your reason for going to college? But when the romance comes, would it be another reason for you? So, which favors of God will you deny? When you were facing in front of a perfectly good and inspiring person, all you can do was just sitting in that chair and your heartbeat was about to explode. It was funny. It was a rare thing. It was a gift. It was the thing which created the smile on your face. Why do I call it so? Because that just happened beyond my control and expectation of course. Wait, there was a stupid part. This post is not only about beautiful thing that happened to me, but also the stupid thing. That is when I threw the chance away while I had been waiting for it to come. I should have thanked him. But I was so afraid of being rejected that is why I was so reluctant to say that.

How wonderful it is when there is a person who brings so much colors to your life. A person who is one of the reasons why you a…

Won't Stop Running Chords by A great Big World

Hi, Rockstars! Finally I can figure out the chords of this inspiring song. I did this because I couldn't find the chords on google or did I miss it? Hehe. It took two months for me to find out the chords especially the bridge part. I hope it sounds fit to the original version. You can change D# with D#sus2 second inversion and change F with Fsus4 if you want. Thank you for the visit!

D#      A#
Facing forward
Lights out
 I won't stop running
D#       A#
 Falling backwards
 Hands tied
 I won't stop running
D#        A#
 I'll take another sunrise
Gm                       F
 Another hand to hold tight
                 D#     A#
 This isn't over
 I am way too young and I won't stop running
D#                                              A#
I don't know how much longer I can fake it
                Gm        F
 That it's all alright, that I can do this alone
D#         …

Secret Admirer

Secret admirer. What do you think about it?  What goes through your mind when you see this words? Have you ever imagined how does it feel to be a secret admirer? One more question, have you become a secret admirer?

Here are the explanations. Wait, it will be explained from my point of view.

Secret admirer is a condition when I am becoming a fan of someone but I cannot truly express it straight to the person that I have been being a fan of. Thing that I always do is watch them from a far and be grateful for that even though it is from a far.

We know and especially myself that it must be very inconvenient for those whom we adored. But what should we do when all we can do is watch them walking around or see them making time with their friends? Even face to face with them unexpectedly is like a bonus. It is like you ask God that you want to see him in one day and up there He is saying 'here you go, I want to see you smile today'. I believe if that thing happens to you, you cannot…

Question Tag.

How can I not think about it when I tried to forget him but the song which reminds me of him suddenly played on the radio in the car while the weather was rainy. Coincidence? Well everything happens for a reason and I haven't found the reason yet.

This is saddening. I always want to say something. I've never been so frustrated like this before. And if I could, I would tell him he drives me crazy more than anyone's ever been. It's like he is so mysterious. Like we both pay attention to each other but none of us starts a conversation. Is it just me or does it really happen? Like he is one of the things that appears in my mind in the bus on my way home and every night you can't sleep and in your obscure room, you start staring at the ceiling and your thoughts collide thinking about "what is it all about?" "does he do the same like me thinking about this mystery?" or just waiting for an answer coming to your life and answers all of your questions.



Hi, bloggy! What's up? Sorry for being away from you, I'm just finished my mid test. Actually I just don't know what to write and to post. I just have so many things in mind but I can't explain it one by one. I'm just in good mood to write something to this blog of mine, so I'm sorry if it's something useless. First, the reason why I don't write too much lately because my netbook is out of order, not that much, the battery is suggested to be replaced, so I have to use it by the power source. It's not simple you know. And now I'm writing this post with my pad, tab, or whatever you called it. It's kinda difficult to use, not because I don't understand how use it but the  keyboard seems so big, I'm not hulkman who has big hands, I need something more handy. Okay forget it. Second, I don't know why I named this post as “serendipity”. Maybe my psychological asked me. Third, maybe this will be the shortest post I've ever made. I j…

A Great Big World - Oasis chords

Hi, this is not the first chords I made, I hope it sounds fit to the original song. I just tried to find it by keyboard  and guitar, and watching the live version, so I can really know and make sure what exactly the chords that Ian plays, but if there's a mistake, please forgive me. Just trying my best because I'm not Ian Axel :) I did this because I found another version chord on google doesn't fit in my ear, like there's a missing chord. Here it is, my version.
Intro: F F7 A#/Bb

F              F7
  Don't cry,  you're mine
  For forever, for forever
F          F7
  I need   you, now
  More than ever, more than ever
Dm                      C
Head full of lies, sun in my eyes
                     Bb   F
You make it easy
Dm                       C
Don't look away, these are the days
You gotta believe me
                     Bb                  F
When we're lost in a desert night
                    Dm                   C
And …